Through the years, we have realized that having a friend that is an attorney is a very valuable relationship in life. Just as it is to have a friend who is a doctor. In our day-to-day lives we are constantly facing decisions that are very much questions of law and we make these decisions without much of a thought of the legal implications. This reality is amplified incredible when you are self-employed. 

When you have a friend that is an attorney, you may call this person casually and at some point say something along the lines of, "Hey, quick questions for you." You proceed to get some guidance on a particular issue. Depending on your friend's answer, you will make a educated decision and typically avoid a lot of problems by taking a minute or two and getting some guidance. 

As of 2015, there are roughly eighty thousand licensed attorneys for a about 19.5 Million Floridians. There are many people who do not have a friend that is an attorney. Some may have a friend that is an attorney but either don't want to bother them or prefer not to discuss a sensitive matter with this acquaintance. 

With all of this in mind, we have created a membership of sorts that we affectionately call, "Confidant." Depending on your needs, we prepare tailored memberships for you that will allow you to get answers to most day-to-day questions that you encounter. Some examples of options available among many others include the ability to text directly with one of our attorneys, the ability to count on us at any reasonable waking hours, and/or the ability to have us by your side at an important meeting, to state a few. 

As we like to be as transparent and forthright as possible, it is important to explain that this program will not apply to serious legal matters and is not to be used as such. This is intended to help you navigate normal issues that arise in life. Questions that are deciphered with a few questions. The affordable price of the plan is in line with the expected complexity.  

Some may believe that this is unecessary due to our smartphones and the amount of information available on the internet. And although this may be true for some matters, the truth is that the law is all in the interpretation. A layperson can easily search for the law but applying them to the specific facts of your life is where you should have someone guiding you.